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 Cannabis  Strains

Many find Marijuana a safe, effective and natural form of relief.  Cannabis dispensaries offer up a wide selection of ganja strains catering to many specific conditions.

Local bud-tenders are very knowledgeable in which cannabis strain address which issues, so use their knowledge to guide you into the proper cannabis variety(s) suited for your specific need.

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Spirit Mt. Farms

Our organic raised beds were first mixed in 2009 using the natural clay soils with the addition of  local sourced amendments, then with each growing cycle we enhance our beds with additional life giving mulches, alfalfa meal, neem meal, kelp meal, Llama poo, and other organic inputs .

Working with nature...

Organic Medicinal Garden

Opinions have changed regarding marijuana's effective medicinal uses.  It is with great pride that Spirit Mt. Farms is  growing our organic gardens to

assist helping ourselves and others in utilizing this versatile cannabis plant to its fullest potential.

Medicine, Food, Paper, Clothing, Fuel, Animal Feed, Planet health and much more!